Landscape Artist Leslie Neumann
George Blanchette

In 1991, I moved from New York City, population 8 million, to Aripeka, a small fishing village of 500 people on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. My home and studio are surrounded by more than 14,000 acres of coastal wilderness. I hear no traffic. Instead, I listen to the fish jump at night, while seeing stars reflected in the water. All of this beauty has inspired and influenced me as an artist. Every day I’m engaged by the raw, primitive energy of the wetlands, as well as the vast cosmic night sky.

I'm a landscape painter, but "landscape" is a loosely applied word, often just a starting point for me, as I sometimes venture beyond the terrestrial into the heavens for inspiration.  Whether I’m depicting a watery marsh or a ribbon of galactic particles, my intention is the same: I'd like you to get lost in my imaginary lands.

The illusion of deep space transports you into my paintings. But what appears as a realistic type of scene when viewed from across the room, quickly dissolves into abstraction as you approach the painting, thus offering you both the pure pleasure of color and texture from one vantage point and the dreamy quality of an imaginary scene from another vantage point.